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    The Holistic Approach

  • What we do

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    We believe that Employer Branding can’t simply be about a few social media campaigns. It has to be part of a complex people strategy and it has to be integrated within the organisation’s DNA. Employer branding is about creating an irresistible company culture and communicating about it effectively to all target groups.

    Employer Branding is about building positive emotions, meaningful experiences, awareness and relationships.

    We help you

    • reveal and understand your organization's true character

    • create your value proposition as an employer

    • develop your long term employer branding strategy

    • involve leadership

    • align employee experience

    • build value-driven communities within and outside organisations

    We help you find the talent your business is seeking for: an army of co-dreamers, who share your vision and mission.

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    HR has to move from a process-driven mindset to an experience focused mindset, that places the experience of the candidate, the employee and even the ex-employee in the focus.

    Employee experience is important, because it helps increase HR process efficiencies, generate a higher engagement and satisfaction. It also helps drive brand differentiation, customer service excellence, and growth. By using tools and methodologies that are already successfully used in user experience design, we facilitate the process of designing candidate, employee, and alumni experience.

    We help you

    • design future fit employee experience

    • design an end-to-end, recruitment-to-retirement experience

    • align all employee experiences with your employer brand.

  • About Worki

    The team behind Worki has consulted with several large and medium-sized businesses over the past years on their people and employer branding strategy. Our purpose is to revolutionize the way we think about workplaces. We work with organizations who have ambitious missions, we think disruptively to help our clients succeed.
    We help our clients transforming their organisations to future-ready workplaces. We focus on designing a workplace experience, defining and implementing sustainable people and employer branding strategy and building communities within and outside the organisation.

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    Zita Kulcsár


    Zita is an International Talent Strategist, Employee Experience Designer and Human Adaptation Consultant. She has worked for more than 15 years in recruitment and TA roles on both corporate and agency side supporting global clients such as General Electric, Vodafone, Dell, Citigroup, Ericsson, Msci Barra and GI Group.
    She is the co-founder of Worki, helping clients to define and implement sustainable people and employer branding strategy, design workplace experience and propose design-led HR practises.
    To raise awareness and elevate the recruiting and HR industry, she participated in several professional documentaries with LaVoie Films in the US. Being also a Philosopher, PhD Researcher and Startup Mentor, she is tenaciously searching for answers to understand how we can adapt to accelerated change both on organizational and individual level.


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